Nordic 1, 2, 3…



Nordic letterpress collaboration initiated by Imi Maufe and Lina Nordenström.
More info coming meanwhile you can check:


Flygande Bäckasiner

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In June I was asked if I’d be able to put together a small solo show for July, short notice but an unmissable opportunity so I got going. Mainly quotes from friends and celebrities. (Flygande bäckasiner is the standard swedish pangram)

Where wild things are




The workshop pulled through! Four days filled with conversations around type and design, delicious meals and lots of printing. We tried out a creative writing exercise to generate content and built on that. The texts are partly poetic but mainly non-sensical. The finished product a pamphlet that opens to a poster, or as Claudio described it: the travel poster. It was a nice project to be part of and I am grateful to everyone that helped make it possible!