By Land and At Sea


Architectural tour for the Bachelor students of Architecture at the University of Liechtenstein. Organised together with Annett Höland and included architectural visits in Stockholm, printing on Åland and more architecture in Helsinki.

From the Itinerary…
× Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and largest city in Scandinavia. Stockholm blends the sophistication of the city with the peace 
and beauty of the countryside.

× Åland, situated between Finland and Sweden the Åland Islands are an extreme contrast to any major city. Belonging to Finland but having a predominantly Swedish culture makes Åland quite distinctive with an interesting mix of ideals.

× Helsinki, another nordic capital but noticeably different from the other Scandinavian capitals due to its proximity to Russia, as well as a national idiosyncrasy that comes from living on the edge of Europe.


Strålande Jul


Exhibition with the title Illuminated Christmas, first I made the poster then I made a lamp in an old shade of pink paper. Somehow they fit each other perfectly.

Sweet Summer Souvenir



– You reckon I could paint some of those bales?
– Hmm, not sure you’d have to ask the farmer next door, he’s pretty open minded I think.

… and off he went.  Later, when I got back, the farmer had not only agreed but also rearranged the 1ton cubes… and after they were painted he put them on display so passing cars could not miss them. Sweettoof working his magic in the country side!

Movement + Hand Printing Workshop

Coming up is a workshop organised by  Libby Scarlett visiting artist and yoga teacher.

Feeling the ground beneath you. Moulding. Fitting yourself to it, it to you.

A 3-hour workshop focused on moulding to space. Firstly, physically: through movement and breath. Then, using clay and ink to make a series of prints on the same theme.

10.00–13.00 on 18 September
At Ahvaland, Flaka, Lemland

w: http://www.ahvaland.wordpress.